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I’ll Have One More For the Road While I Wait For the Cop To Leave

Bozo criminal for today comes from Wayne, New Jersey, where bozo Hayley Shurr had been drinking with friends in a bar. When it came time to leave, she noticed a police car parked near the Grasshopper Bar and Grill. Thinking it was too risky to drive, she called a cab, right? Wrong. Maybe used a designated driver? Nope. Called 911 with a false report of a woman being assaulted in the parking lot of nearby bar to distract the officer? Yep. And her plan would have worked…except that she just couldn’t resist bragging about it. She later posted on Facebook, “LMAO…2 minutes later the cop peals out…silly piggies tricks r for u.” Bad idea. The cops monitor Facebook, too. She’s been arrested on charges of filing false reports to law enforcement and creating false public alarm.

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