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It Was Those Darn Confusing Ikea Instructions…

Our bozo for today is not a criminal, but he does prove that some things are better left to a professional. From the International File in Stockholm, Sweden, police, ambulances and the fire department were called to a report of a loud explosion and a shirless man brandishing what appeared to be a weapon. Upon arrival, the cops couldn’t find anything amiss. The only thing they saw was a shirtless man placing a large piece of plastic over his open window. Upon questioning, they discovered that the man was making an unsuccessful attempt at some home improvements. He explained that he was home alone trying to hang some curtains, when he dropped his power drill. The drill fell through the window, shattering it and landing on a tin roof below with a loud boom. He was left to put a sheet of plastic over his broken window while he found someone who hopefully knows how to replace a window AND hang a curtain.

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