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Their Punishment? Make ‘em Walk the Plank

Another day, another selfie problem for our Bozos. From Norwalk, Connecticut, comes the story of bozos Renny Abraham and Julia Lopez who picked up a bag of fast food burgers and headed down to a nearby marina to enjoy them. Once there, however, their attention turned from the burgers to the boats. They found one particularly good looking yacht and decided they would sneak on board, enjoy their burgers and take a few selfies. What they didn’t count on was the family of five that was asleep on board. The flash awakened one family member who startled our bozos and they left in such a rush that they left their sack of burgers behind. Police officers were able to use the receipt, which was still inside the bag, to track down and arrest our bozos, charging them with criminal trespass and breach of peace.

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