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Well, I Wondered Why the Tip Was Orange…

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Glenn Winkey for sending in today’s report from Seattle, Washington. A woman was taking a smoke break outisde a bar when our unidentified bozo approached and asked to bum a cigarette. When she told him that one was all she had, he pulled out a gun and pointed it at her. Guess he didn’t realize the gun had an orange tip, which indicated to the observant woman that the gun was a fake. She then ripped the gun out of his hand, threw it over a fence and returned to the bar. Once inside, she told the story to other bar patrons, one of whom became angry and went outside looking for our bozo. He found him and our frightened bozo ran away, screaming for someone to call 911. His attempted victim obliged, the cops arrived, and our bozo was placed under arrest.

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