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At Least He’s Persistent

Bozo criminal for today from Woodbridge, New Jersey forgot Bozo Rule Number 101096: The old “if at first you don’t succeed” adage doesn’t apply to bozos. James Perdue entered the Forge Inn armed with a knife and attempted to rob the clerk. He ran off without getting any money. Undaunted, he went to the La Bonbonniere bakery, and, again failing in his robbery attempt, stole $2 from the tip jar. He regrouped the next day and went to the Hess gas station, again armed with a knife. Again, he left empty handed. He then headed over to a 7-11 store. Same result. Left empty handed. But this time, the cops were in the vicinity and were able to apprehend our hopeless bozo. The final score: Take: $2; Bail: $50,000.

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