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He Definitely Isn’t the Brightest Bulb

Bozo criminal for today comes from Deltona, Florida, where bozo Ramon Garcia had a thriving marijuana growing operation. Things were going so well, in fact, that our bozo kept adding on to his grow rooms, adding more and more plants and powerful lights to make the plants thrive. Guess he finally added one light too many, as power company crews were called to the neighborhood after a report of a power outage. The crews replaced a blown transformer fuse only to have the new one blow moments after the installation. They then traced the source of the big power drain to our bozo’s residence where they dicovered a small fire in the home’s meter box and several extra wires siphoning more power into the home. Cops were called and our bozo was busted as he tried to dispose of part of the 51 plants he had growing inside by throwing them over a fence in his back yard. He’s busted!

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