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Could Have Been Worse, He Could Have Tattooed “Bang” Also

There is no criminal activity involved in today’s story, and it’s even questionable whether there are any bozos involved, but it’s a story we just couldn’t pass up. Tree removal workers in Norridgewock, Maine, called the cops to report that a man armed with a gun had threatened them and ordered them to get off his property. The workers said the shirtless man, with a gun tucked into the waistband of his pajama bottoms, had come out of his house and yelled at them to leave. The cops, armed with assault rifles and talking through megaphones, approached the house and knocked on the door of the residence. They were greeted by a shirtless man with a gun tucked into his pajama bottoms. Except the “gun” was a tattoo of a weapon strategically placed as waist level so it looked like a real gun was tucked into his pants. Oops. No harm, no foul. Cops told him to go back to bed.

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