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Maybe If He Had Tried Walking In Backwards…

Bozo criminal for today comes from Arlington, Florida, where Bozo Charles Hampton had formulated a “foolproof” bank robbery plan. Except he didn’t take into account he was the “fool”. Our bozo headed down to the Fifth Thrd Bank branch in Arlington, wearing a bandanna mask on his face, with his hoodie pulled up over his head and carrying what appeared to be a handgun. His next step was to burst through a side door and demand the cash from unsuspecting tellers. Only problem, that side door just wouldn’t open, no matter how hard he tugged on it. The one thing he had failed to notice was the “exit only” sign over that side door. Seeing that his foolproof plan had gone horribly wrong, our bozo attempted to escape on his bicycle but was apprehended by a passing cop who noticed what was going on. He’s busted!

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