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Wonder If They Were Driving a Blazer

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Glen Snow for sending in today’s report from the International File in Pincher Creek Canada. With much of North America feeling the effects of a rare “Global Warming” cold snap, our bozos found themselves trapped outside in temperatures hovering around 0 degrees when they lost controlof their car and careened into a ditch.. Having no kindling, they took a bozo approach to staying warm. They removed the seats from their crashed vehicle and set them ablaze in the middle of the road, along with many of their personal belongings. When that fire burned down, they set the car alight. This kept them warm until morning when they discovered there was actually a house within easy walking distance. The cops were called and our bozos were treated for minor burn and frostbite. Now, what exactly makes them bozos? First, both men had cellular phones, which they did not use. And second, both are now under arrest after they were found to be wanted on outstanding warrants.

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