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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished If You’re a Bozo

Perhaps because it’s the holiday season, our bozo tried to do the right thing, but ended up getting arrested anyway. Our story from Middleburg, Florida begins with bozo Brian Taylor borrowing $3 from the clerk at a Flash Foods store so he could buy a little gas. He promised the clerk he would pay him back and even left his wallet with him as a goodwill gesture. It was what he did next that got him into trouble. Instead of heading home or to a bank to get the cash, he decided to take the bozo route, and held up Larry’s Giant Subs nearby. Police officers were questioning other businesses in the neighborhood about the robbery and the clerk at Flash Foods recognized our bozo from his description and told the cops the story. And as he was finishing up the story, who should enter the store to pay back the $3 but our bozo. He’s busted!

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