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Hey, Let’s Take This Stolen Credit Card and Go to Carl’s Jr.!

We’ve all heard the buzz about how Instagram is the “new” Facebook. And, of course, with bozos being on the cutting edge of technology, it didn’t take long for us to find a story of a group of bozos who were foiled by their attachment to the photo sharing site. From Rocklin, California, comes the story of four bozos who who broke into a number of cars in a parking lot, getting away fwith GPS units, wallets and other items. They then took advantage of their newfound wealth by going to a nearby Carl’s Jr. restaurant to celebrate. And celebrate they did, buying nearly $120 worth of burgers, tacos and other yummy stuff. And rather than leaving to enjoy their meal, they then carefully spread all the food on the trunk of their car and posed for an Instagram photo showing off all their grub. Which might have been OK except that one of their victims was keeping an eye on her stolen credit card and noticed a $120 charge on her card at Carl’s Jr. Cops went to the restaurant and were able to get our bozo’s license plate number from a parking lot surveillance that captured their Instagram display. They’re busted!

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