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No Tip For This Valet

A couple of bozos are involved in today’s story from Los Angeles. First is the bozo car valet at a LA restaurant who left a $200,000 car running and unattended. This was too much temptation for bozo number two, Dylan Carter, who jumped into the idling car and sped away. Of course, being a bozo, it never occurred to him that a car worth $200,000 would have a tracking system. The police used the car’sOnStar to track down the vehicle, which they found parked near an American Legion post. The cops staked it out, and, when he returned to the car, they approached him. Our bozo hightailed it, running through the American Legion post and out the back door, where he jumped a fence, ran to a residential area, broke into a home, dressed in the homeowner’s clothes and hid beneath a pile of wood. In spite of his best efforts, the cops tracked him down and placed him under arrest.

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