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Crocs, Comfortable, Yes. Good For Fleeing, No

Bozo criminal for today comes from West Boca Raton, Florida, where an unidentified couple pulled up to a Chipotle restaurant around lunchtime. As they were entering the cafe, they noticed bozo Dominick Santino walk up to their truck and attempt to open the door. The driver yelled at our bozo who took off running, losing his Croc shoes in the process. Don’t know if it was coincidence or out of necessity, but our bozo ran directly to a nearby Discount Shoe Warehouse store. When the cops arrived, they found our bozo walking out, barefoot, and carrying a bag of new sneakers. The officer told him to sit down on the curb to answer some questions and our nervous bozo then proceeded to pee on himself. When asked why he tried to open the door of the truck, he replied that he “used to have a truck” and thought the vehicle was his. He’s been charged with attempted burglary and public intoxication.

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