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Put Down Your Teeth and Step Away From the Car

Bozo criminal for today comes from North Strabane Township, Pennsylvania, where police were called to the scene of a multi-vehicle crash. Several good samaritans stopped to help, including one woman who parked in front of the driveway of our bozo, 71-year-old William Munson. This did not sit well with our bozo who was heading out to dinner with his wife and found himself boxed in. So, he did what any angry bozo would do, he started arguing with the cops, eventually shoving a couple of officers. When they tried to arrest him, he resisted, then faked a heart attack. As they were trying to restrain him, he took out his false teeth and hurled them at one of the cops. That was the last straw. He’s under arrest, facing several charges, including aggravated assault and making terroristic threats.

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