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Maybe She Should Have At Least Tried Nicoderm First

While our bozo for today is technically a criminal, we have to applaud her intentions, if not her methods. Bozo Etta Ramirez wanted to quit smoking. And, although she had tried many ways to quit, her efforts had so far been unsuccessful. After learning that the Sacramento County jail was a non-smoking facility, she decided to have herself admitted. And how does a bozo go about getting sent to jail? You slap a cop in the face. That’s what she did to the officer, as he left the main jail at the end of his shift. He grabbed her and took her inside the jail where she immediately slapped him again as soon as he turned her loose. That was it. She’s been charged with misdemeanor batter on a police officer and was sentenced to 63 days in jail, which hopefully will be long enough for her to kick the habit.

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  • dawn says:

    Man she must have really wanted to quit smoking.

    June 1, 2013 at 7:41 am

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