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He Should Have First Stolen Some Water Wings

Bozo criminal for today comes from Boca Raton, Florida, where bozo Tyler Carpenter spotted a cell phone laying in a baby stroller and tried to steal it, along with the stroller. But he didn’t count on the firm grip the family’s 12 year old daughter had on the stroller. Quickly changing plans, he simply grabbed the phone out of the stroller and ran away, with the husband in hot pursuit. As the husband was gaining on him, our bozo jumped over some bushes and into a canal, but not before discarding the phone because he didn’t want to “damage it by getting it wet.” Sounds like a good escape plan except for one thing. Our bozo forgot he couldn’t swim. When he reached the deep water in the middle of the canal, he began to call for help. About that time, the police arrived, pulled him out and placed him under arrest.

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