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Looks Like the Bozos Are Getting an Early Start on the Holiday Season

Bozo criminal for today comes from Crawford, Georgia, where a 17-year-old bozo entered the local Wal-Mart and filled his shopping cart up with toys. He then headed for the exits, and, waiting until the door greeters were occupied, attempted to wheel the loot outside. However, security personnel spotted him and alerted the cops. It was when the police were questioning him that he offered up the Bozo Excuse of the Week. He said he wanted his girlfriends three kids to have a nice Christmas and was going to place the items on layaway and had just taken the items out side so that “no one would mess with them.” He also said he was going back inside to buy himself a drink. Unfortunately, according to the cops, he onlly had 18 cents on his person. He’s under arrest.

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