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It’s a Wonder He Didn’t Leave a Business Card, Too

Our bozo for today provides yet another example of a bozo foiled by modern technology. From Delray Beach, Florida, comes the story of bozo Jonathan Carter who robbed a cellphone store, getting away with a phone and $2000 in cash. The owner, who had previously dealt with our bozo as a customer, reported the crime to the cops but also decided to do a little high tech detective work on his own. He plugged the cellphone number that he had for our bozo into Facebook and discovered he lived in a nearby city and had a picture of himself posted with the caption “Crime Pays.” He then did a Google search for the city and the bozo’s name and turned up a mug shot from a previous arrest. A little more snooping among his Facebook friends turned up a Twitter account with our bozo’s real name. He’s busted!

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