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Just Call Him Bully Le Pew

Bozo criminal for today comes from the four-legged department in Lesogorsk, Russia. Police were called to an apartment building where there was a report of an intruder on the fifth floor. And when they arrived they discovered an angry looking bull pawing the ground outside the front door of the building. Once inside the building, the found the place in disarray with furniture overturned and many items broken. But it was not until they climbed up five flights of stairs that they discovered the source of the problem. A very distressed cow who had rejected the amorous intentions of the bull downstairs and had climbed five flights of stairs to get away from him. Understandably, she wasn’t interested in leaving, either. The cops had to lasso Old Bossy and drag her, mooing in protest, down the stairs and through the lobby, while another group of cops corralled the bull. The story had a happy ending, for the cow anyway, as she was safely returned to her pasture. No charges have been filed as yet against the bull.

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