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But We Get a Discount For Using the Card!

Bozo criminals for today from Broward County Florida had a very involved plan to make big bucks. Seventy-year-old bozo Margaret Payne and her 46 year-old son Michael would go into Toys R Us stores and pick out big boxes containing cheap toys. They would then empty those boxes and replace the cheap stuff with expensive items, resealing the boxes and checking out before store security was aware what was going on. It was an ambitious plan, too as our bozos had dreams of robbing stores in all 50 states and then selling their loot online for millions of dollars. But their plan had one fatal flaw. Officers investigating the thefts noticed that the purchases where being made using a store loyalty card. Oops. Officers were able to use information on the loyalty card to track down and arrest our bozos.

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  • Harry Christman says:

    Is it my imagination but it seems a lot of bozos are from Florida? It must be our water here that creates these bozos!

    August 16, 2012 at 1:34 pm

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