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Grandpa Said It Was Real, Honest

Bozo criminal for today turns out not to be a crook or a bozo at all, just someone who likes to hang on to his money. From Shelbyville, Tennessee, comes the story of a man who tried to spend a $50 bill at the local convenience store. The clerk thought the bill looked funny and when her marker used to detect counterfeit bills didn’t check it as real, she called the cops. The officers agreed the bill looked phony and the guy was hauled off to jail. It was only after he had been locked up that a sergeant took a look at it and offered up the opinion that it might be a real bill, but a very old one. After taking it to a bank, his suspicions were confirmed. Our “non-bozo” was released, given his bill back and instructed to take it to the bank to exchange it for a newer one to avoid further trouble.

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