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January 24, 2012

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Richard Boyle for sending in today’s report from Topeka, Kansas. Apparently bozo Jesse Daws was a fugitive on the run from the cops on a murder charge when he burst into a home and held the family hostage at knifepoint. He demanded that they hide him from the cops, even offering to give them some cash if they did so. He then proceeded to fall asleep, giving the family the opportunity to call the cops, which they did. Our bozo was arrested and the story would end here, except for what he did next, which assured his place in the Bozo Hall of Fame. He filed a lawsuit against the family, claiming breach of contract for turning him in. He claimed they had a legally binding oral contract when they agreed to accept money from him in exchange for hiding him. The judge didn’t agree. Case closed.

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