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January 23, 2012

Bozo criminal for today violated not one, but two bozo rules. First, our bozo from the International File in Mexico City, Mexico forgot Bozo Rule Number 337766: A skateboard is not a good getaway vehicle. Police say bozo Sergio Lara rode his skateboard to a bank, walked up to the teller and asked for cash. It was then that he violated Bozo Rule Number 669876: Speak up when making your demands. The teller said he whispered his request for money and spoke so low that she couldn’t hear him. When she ignored him, he simply climbed back on his skateboard and skated to another bank nearby. The teller at the second bank said he whispered his demands to her as well, but loudly enough that she knew what he wanted. She was able to set off a silent alarm and was still in the process of getting his money when the cops arrived. He’s under arrest.

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