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April 19, 2011

Bozo criminal for today was on a mission to get her McDonalds fix, and nothing, not even the cops, was going to stop her. From Coral Springs, Florida, comes the story of bozo Roberta Sellars, who was headed to Mickey D’s when a police officer noticed her car had a faulty brake light. He flipped on his lights and instead of pulling over she pulled into the drive-thru lane of McDonalds. He got out, approached the vehicle and told her to pull into the parking lot for a traffic stop. Instead, she pulled through, paid for her meal and drove away. The officer again stopped her a short distance away from the restaurant but this time she told him she wasn’t speeding and refused to show her license or proof of insurance before driving away. By this time, several other police officers had joined in the slow speed pursuit and attempted to box her in at a red light. Our bozo simply popped the car into reverse and again eluded the cops. She might still be going had she not pulled into a nearby Mobil station. Before she was able to fill ‘er up she was placed under arrest. Police say there’s no indication alcohol was involved in the incident.

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