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July 22, 2010

Bozos for today don’t qualify as criminals but they are such bozos that they’ve moved to the front of the line. From Sedro-Wooley, Washington, comes the story of two unidentified men who work at a shop that builds and services race cars. And those race cars run on methanol fuel. Somehow, our bozos came up with the bright idea of using the methanol barrels to create a sort of "ground rocket." One of our bozos took a seat upon the 55 gallon barrel of methanol while our other bozo lit it. It must have sounded like fun, to ride across the parking lot on a flaming barrel of methanol. Didn’t work out. The barrel exploded and one end of it flew 120 feet. Remarkably, both bozos survived and were taken to the hospital where they were treated for severe burns. Unfortunately, there’s no treatment for stupidity.

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