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March 18, 2010

Bozo Criminal for today comes from Mount Washington, Pennsylvania, where Bozo Tremaine Johnson had just attended a concert by rapper Jay-Z. It was a cold night and as our bozo was heading home he found himself chilled to the bone. So he bundled up and walked faster, right? Nope. Jumped into his car and turned the heater on? No. Maybe stopped for a cup of coffee? Nah. Instead he broke into a house and climbed into a nice warm bed and cuddled up to the homeowner. The surprised man noticed someone in bed with him and asked if it was his girlfriend. When he heard a deep voice reply, "No, it’s not," he grabbed a baseball bat from beneath the bed and whacked our bozo with it, keeping him at bay until the police arrived. Our bozo is now sleeping in a nice warm jail cell.

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