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January 26, 2010

Bozo criminal for today comes from Joplin, Missouri, where bozo Paul Harper broke into a car and stole a purse containing a number of items, including a two-carat diamond ring. After waiting a few hours, our bozo took the ring to a local jewelry store and said he wanted to sell it. The cops had already sent a description of the stolen ring to local merchants and the jeweler recognized it. He stalled the man and called the cops. When the police arrived, our bozo swallowed the ring and then denied ever having it. Unfortunately, trying to swallow a two-carat diamond ring is like trying to swallow one of those horse-pill vitamins without a glass of water, a tough job. While he was denying the crime, he started to cough and out popped the ring, right in front of the cops. He’s busted.

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