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Try a Cab Next Time

Bozo criminal for today comes from Sonora, California, where bozo James Matthews was due in court on controlled substance charges. He was running behind and it was too late to catch the bus, so he did what to the Bozo Mind was a logical thing. He visited a used car lot and stole a 2001 Mitsubishi which he proceeded to drive to the courthouse. Although he did make it to court, it was not the best idea. Cops were able to track down the vehicle using a GPS device. Our bozo now has another court appearance, this one for possession of stolen property and possession of a controlled substance after marijuana was found in the vehicle.

Honest, Officer, He Was There Just a Minute Ago

Bozo criminal for today comes from Renton, Washington, which, like many areas has a “carpool” lane exclusively for drivers who share a ride to work with other commuters. And, this quite often leads to some rather creative ways to try to disguise an empty passenger seat as being occupied. Our bozo for this morning put perhaps the least effort ever into concealing that empty seat. No cardboard cutout, no inflatable doll. He simply stuck a hat on the headrest and hoped for the best. Didn’t work. An officer spotted the strange looking passenger and our bozo was fined $124.

Hope He Remembers His Income Tax Today!

Bozo criminal for today, Nashon Stone, from Chicago, Illinois, walked into a convenience store and purchased a $1.79 bottle of Pepsi. When the clerk told him there would be an additional 22 cent charge for sales tax, our bozo went off. He threatened the clerk and everyone in the store with a 22 caliber submachine gun and said, “This is my neighborhood. I’m tax exempt.” Apparently he was wrong about his tax status. The cops tracked him down after viewing the security footage and charged him with felony use of a weapon, aggravated assault and three other counts.

And He Probably Didn’t Even Thank Her For Her Purchase Either

Bozo criminal for today comes from Lufkin, Texas, where bozo Evelyn Hastings was not satisfied with a business transaction, so she did what any bozo would do, she took her complaint to the cops. Which would have been fine, except for the fact that the transaction she had a complaint about was the purhase of $40 worth of marijuana. Officers arrived at her residence to hear her complain that for $40 all she had received was “seeds and residue”, and the dealer had refused to refund her money. She then reached into her bra and pulled out what was left of the pot to prove it. Bad idea. It may have been mostly seeds, but she’s still under arrest for possession.

Hear No Evil, See No Evil…What’s the Third One?

Bozo criminal for today comes from Livermore Falls, Maine, where bozo Douglas Grier was pulled over by an officer who recognized him and knew his license was suspended. At this point he should have just kept quiet, but, of course, being a bozo, he just couldn’t do it. He told the officer that the marijuana in the car wasn’t his because he had “stolen the car.” And upon further investigation the officer discovered he wasn’t kidding. Oops. He’s now been charged with felony theft instead of a civil violation of a small amount of marijuana.

He Should Have Tried a Reboot First…

Our bozo for today from Dover, New Hampshire is yet another example of the old adage that bozos and technology just don’t mix. It seems Casey Walker stole an Apple laptop computer about a year ago. The trail went cold and the police had just about given up when the original owner of the laptop received an email from Apple thanking him for calling customer service to inquire about the computer. Except he hadn’t called Apple. Yep, our bozo had called to get a question answered about his stolen computer not realizing that the original owner’s email address was still in the database. Using information he gave Apple, the cops were able to track him down and place him under arrest.

Guess His “Wife Beater” Was Dirty

Bozo criminal for today violated Bozo Rule Number 110007: Sometimes it’s best to just wear a plain t-shirt.
From Corvallis, Oregon, comes the story of Bozo Ross Martin who went to a party with his girlfriend and got upset when she told him he was too drunk to drive home and grabbed the keys. When they got home, the fight escalated as he slapped her and grabbed the keys before driving away. She called the cops after observing him drive on the sidewalk, hit a parked car, and proceed on in the wrong lane. It was after the cops caught up with him that they noticed his rather prophetic t-shirt, which read “Drunk as S**t”. He’s been charged with DUI, reckless endangerment, harassment and strangulation.

Next Time Hire a Teenager for a Buck an Hour

As this long, cold winter finally comes to an end, we thought we would treat you to one final wintry story, courtesy of Bozo News Hawk Fred McKinney. From Fargo, North Dakota, comes the story of bozo Todd Raines who was fed up with clearing snow out of his front yard. It was his alternative method of snow blowing that got him in trouble. He obtained a flamethrower, referred to by the cops as a “high-powered fire-breathing weapon”, and went to work on the snow. Neighbors noticed a bright orange cloud and could hear what they termed “puff the magic dragon spewing mayhem all over hell” and called the cops. While the cops could understand our bozo’s frustration, his methods were illegal. He was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment.

Well, Maybe Monty Python Will Get Back Together and Use Him

Our bozo for today from the Feathered Division comes from in the International File in Manchester, England where the owners of a garden center thought it would be a nice touch to have a beautiful African Grey parrot on display among the lovely flowers and plants. Ruby was moved to a prominent position near the register where the kids could enjoy seeing her. A couple of problems…no one bothered to check Ruby’s vocabulary, which was pretty much non-stop swearing. And she also would take a bite out of anyone’s finger who happened to get to close to the cage. Ruby has been sent to parrot rehab with the hopes that her language and behavior can me improved and she can once again return. We’re not holding our breath.

Guess Those McDonalds Jobs Are Really Stressful

Bozo criminal for today comes from Hillsborough County, Florida, where police received a call from a homeowner who reported a burglary at his residence. He told the cops that several items were missing, and his TV was on the ground in the front yard. He even went so far as to describe a vehicle that he saw pulling away from the scene. The officers thought somethng didn’t ring true in his story and interviewed the neighbors who provided conflicting information to what he was claiming. It was after they confronted him again that he came up with the Bozo Excuse of the Week. He told them that his wife was insisting that he go to work, and he didn’t want to, so he made up the break-in so he could stay at home for the day. He got his wish, sort of. Instead of going to work, he got to spend the day in jail.

He Got It To Go, But Didn’t Go Far Enough

Bozo criminal for today, Daniel Herrera, had a few too many, and, like many folks in the same condition, decided to head to the nearest Taco Bell. He got himself a big beefy burrito and headed back out into the streets, where he was seen driving erratically. An eyewitness saw him weaving before coming to a stop at a traffic light. And it was a long stop, too, as he had been parked there for 15 minutes when the cops arrived. They found our bozo with the burrito in one hand and and his foot planted firmly on the brake, sound asleep. After banging on the car window for almost 10 minutes, deputies broke into the car, woke up our bozo and placed him under arrest for DUI.

Maybe He Thought It Was “Spring Back”

Bozo criminal for today from the International File in Dublin, Ireland may have been foiled by that old nemesis, Daylight Saving Time. Police surveillance footage shows our mad bomber attempting to plant an explosive device in a Volvo SUV. Unfortunately the bomb literally blew up in the face of our bozo bomber who somehow was able to stagger away and flag down a taxi. Police note that clocks in Ireland were changed to Daylight Saving Time on Sunday and speculate that he may have failed to reset the clock on his explosive device. Oops.

Guess He Couldn’t Find a McDonalds

Bozo criminal for today learned that “when you gotta go, you gotta go” does not necessarily hold true if you’re a bozo. From Pittsfield, Michigan, comes the story of bozo Thomas Harper who was going for a drive when he felt the call of nature. He pulled over and went inside a public building and asked the person at the front desk if he could use their restroom. Two problems here. First, the public building was the local Department of Public Safety. And, second, he was drunk at the time. After he failed a field sobriety test, he was locked up to sober up. Hopefully, he was allowed to use the facilities first.

Dude, A Man’s Gotta Have His Skateboard

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Daniel Pierce for sending in today’s report from Troutdale, Oregon. It seems bozo Nathaniel Martinez was arrested by the cops for shoplifting. After booking, he was released, but he cops decided to confiscate his skateboard. This didn’t sit well with our bozo, and it let him to formulate his bozo plan to get it back. He returned to the police station and, finding the front door to be locked, began tugging on the handle. Surveillance cameras caught him putting his legs up against the door for extra leverage and tugging with all his might. When the handle snapped, he went flying backward, landing roughly on the ground. He then staggered to his feet and walked away, taking the broken handle as a souvenir. Unfortunately for him, the cops got a good look at his face during the attempted break-in and attempted burglary, criminal mischief and theft charges were added to the shoplifting charge.

He Was Probably Going To Invite Her Over to Watch TV

Our bozo for today from San Mateo, California is a charter member of the Bozo Lonely Hearts Club. Keveen Garcia visited a local restaurant and struck up a conversation with the lovely bartender who worked there. After talking for a while, our smitten bozo gave the bartender his phone number before leaving. Apparently, the bartender was not the only thing he saw that he liked, as he returned later and broke in through the back door. Security cameras caught him stacking a TV and other electronic items by the back door. The bartender recognized our bozo and gave the cops his phone number. The cops then set up a “date” with him and when he showed up he was arrested by plainclothes officers.

Try, Try Again Is Not Always the Best Option

Bozo criminal for today comes from Tom’s River, New Jersey, where bozo Christopher Morton was released from jail after serving a 15 year sentence for robbing a shoe store. So, what was the first thing he did upon his release? Spend some quality time with his family? Nope. Maybe head to a favorite restaurant for a celebration meal? No way. Go to a bar and get drunk? Nah. Head back to the very same shoe store he had robbed 15 years earlier and rob it again? Yep. He took a bus from the prison to Tom’s River where he headed straight to the Stride Rite store and threatened the clerk, getting away with $389. He didn’t get very far, however. Cops caught up with him a few blocks away. He’s headed back to prison.

There’s an Old Fashioned Thing Called a Map…

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Mathias Joost for sending in today’s report from southern Manitoba, Canada. It seems our unidentified bozo was traveling from British Columbia to Ontario when she apparently ran afoul of her GPS system. Instead of taking her to her destination in Ontario, the GPS directed her to the Emerson border port. Confused, she asked border guards for directions to Ontario. Which would have been fine, except for the contraband she was carrying. After noticing her acting a little strange, guards decided to search her vehicle and found six Ziploc baggies full of marijuana. Oops. She’s busted!

He Definitely Isn’t the Brightest Bulb

Bozo criminal for today comes from Deltona, Florida, where bozo Ramon Garcia had a thriving marijuana growing operation. Things were going so well, in fact, that our bozo kept adding on to his grow rooms, adding more and more plants and powerful lights to make the plants thrive. Guess he finally added one light too many, as power company crews were called to the neighborhood after a report of a power outage. The crews replaced a blown transformer fuse only to have the new one blow moments after the installation. They then traced the source of the big power drain to our bozo’s residence where they dicovered a small fire in the home’s meter box and several extra wires siphoning more power into the home. Cops were called and our bozo was busted as he tried to dispose of part of the 51 plants he had growing inside by throwing them over a fence in his back yard. He’s busted!

Guess They Didn’t “Like” His Post

Again today we have another example of a bozo foiled by modern technology. From the International File in Rotherham, England, comes the story of bozo Ashley Carson who broke into a residence and stole a car, electronics and some jewelry. Not content with just making a clean getaway, our bozo took a SIM card stolen from the house and used it to take a “selfie” with his own phone during the robbery. He then posted the photo on the whatsapp messenger application. Unfortunately, he also unknowingly sent the picture to some of the victim’s friends. The friends recoginzed the stolen merchandise and called the cops. He’s busted!

She Just Didn’t Have a Thing To Wear!

Bozo criminal for today comes from Clarendon, Virginia, where bozo Charles Harper was booked into jail. But Charles isn’t the bozo here. Instead, it’s his wife, Mary, who showed up at the jail for a little visit. Which would have been OK, except she showed up at the jail naked and drunk. When the officers told her to put clothes on or get in a cab and go home, she refused. Bad idea. She’s been charged with indecent exposure and being drunk in public. And, no, she didn’t get to see her husband.