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Bozo criminal for today comes from the International File in Thames Valley, England, where the cops pulled over a driver for a traffic violation. When the cop asked for our bozo’s license, he whipped out one. A really fake one with Homer Simpson’s name on it, Homer’s picture and his catch phrase of “Doh!” printed on it. The cop didn’t see the humor in the situation and charged our bozo with no insurance and driving without a proper license.

Wait, You Mean Spaghetti Sauce Isn’t Flammable?

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Glen Snow for sending in today’s report from DeLand, Florida, where the cops were called to a report of a break-in at a residence. Upon arrival, they spotted a vehicle leaving the home. When they pulled the car over, the things they found inside indicated that we may be dealing with bozos here. In the console was a marijuana grinder. In the back, a vacuum, window unit A/C, heater, flat-screen TV, and an empty jar of Ragu spaghetti sauce. Entering the home, the cops found it to be reeking from the smell of burned spaghetti sauce. Apparently our bozos had left a pot of sauce cooking on the stove, along with a washcloth, in the hopes it would catch fire and cover their burglary. Didn’t work. They’re busted!

Power UP!

Our bozo for today comes from the International File in Guangzhou, China, where the director of China’s Southern Power Grid had just completed a teleconference with employees of five different provinces. He apparently had more on his mind than just the power grid, as, after the call was over, he pulled a female colleague up on the conference table and began having sex with her. Well, at least he thought the call was over. In his fit of passion, he forgot to turn off the camera, and their romp was broadcast to all the employees. Yikes! They’ve been arrested and charged with defamation as well as further punishment for spreading “false rumours” after they allegedly shared the footage.

Guess 7-Eleven Wasn’t Hiring

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Glen Snow for sending in today’s report. From Hereford, Arizona comes the story of our bozo who was in need of work. He heard the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Service was hiring so he applied. Not a bad idea, right? Wrong. After the agency ran a background check, they discovered our bozo was not even a U.S. citizen and had used a fake birth certificate to apply for a U.S. Passport. Oops. Not only did he not get the job, he was charged with three counts of passport fraud and false statements on his federal law enforcement background application. Busted.

Gumballs For a Goofball

Bozo criminal for today comes from Sacramento, California, where, for reasons known only to the bozo mind, a man decided to steal the gumball machine at the local animal shelter. Video surveillance shows him crawling through a small window he broke at the bottom of the door. The hole was big enough for him but not quite large enough for the gumball machine. In the process of trying to shove it through the hole, he broke the glass container, spilling gumballs all over the floor. After a great deal of work, he finally ended up tossing the machine over a barbed wire fence in the back yard. All this work to get a handful of quarters. He must have just really liked gumballs, as there was a much bigger prize, a big box of cash donations sitting on the counter right next to the machine.

Where’s the Extension Cord?

Our bozo for today from Austin, Texas is a new take on an old problem. In the past, we’ve had numerous reports of bozos whose attempts to steal a car were foiled when they couldn’t drive a standard transmission car. Bozo Cory Adams attempted to carjack a Chevy Bolt at a stoplight. The driver abandoned the car but instead of speeding away, our bozo found himself stumped by the electric vehicle’s controls. He was still trying to figure things out when a bystander saw what was going on, grabbed a machete, and held our bozo until the police arrived. We have no explanation as to why the bystander was carrying a machete, other than the fact that it IS Austin.

Guess He Had Someplace He Really Needed To Be

Bozo criminal for today from Gainesville, Florida, violated seldom seen Bozo Rule Number 111-997-6: It’s not a good idea to honk your horn at police officers while they are conducting an investigation. The cops were working a crash in midtown when our bozo pulled up and started honking his horn. And not just a couple of beeps, either, he was really laying into it. So, the police approached his vehicle and immediately noticed the smell of marijuana wafting out of the window. Inside they found a handgun, a loaded magazine and ten thousand dollars in cash. Looking further, they found several other weapons, five mason jars full of marijuana, a hundred grams of cocaine and a baseball bat. Yikes! He’s busted!

Well, I Waited For Uber But They Never Showed

Bozo criminal for today comes from Hartford, Connecticut, where bozo Jonathan Ramirez was scheduled to appear in court on vehicle theft charges. He showed up on time, parked his car, and went inside the courthouse. So far, so good, right? Well, not exactly. Hartford Parking Authority agents regularly scan license plates looking for parking violators around the courthouse. They got a hit on a white Subaru. It showed up as stolen, so they decided to keep an eye on it. His appearance before the judge done, our bozo walked out of court and got into the car. Yep, he had stolen a car to drive to court to appear on vehicle theft charges. Bad idea. You can add new charges of second degree larceny to his list of problems.

And Somewhere Around, There’s the “Not Meth” Jar

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Fred McKinney for sending in today’s report from Lincoln, Nebraska, where the cops pulled over 21-year-old bozo Charles Harrison for driving erratically. Taking a look inside the car, the cops spotted something rather unusual. Peeking out from under front passenger’s seat was a plastic sour cream container. And written on that 16 oz tub were the words, “Not Weed.” Not exactly correct. Inside the container, 11.4 grams of marijuana. He’s busted!

Sign? What Sign?

Bozo criminals for today come from Peoria, Arizona, where police officers approached a suspicious car at a gas station. Instead of cooperating, our two bozos jumped out and started running, looking for a place to hide. Straight ahead there was a big building with a fenced area in the back. Great hiding place, right? Wrong. Maybe you bozos should look up and read the big sign above the door that says “Peoria Police.” Male bozo number one jumped over that fence right into a secure area where the police were training. Arrested. Female bozo number two tried to hide underneath a bench. Arrested. They’ve been charged with shoplifting, trespassing and drug charges.

Where’s Dumbledore When You Need Him?

Our bozo for today comes from Essexville, Michigan, where police were called to a report of a dementor flying around the neighborhood. As a note of clarification, “dementors” are magical beings from the Harry Potter series that can suck out a human’s happiness and create a general feeling of coldness, misery and despair. So quite obviously you wouldn’t want these dark-hooded characters flying around your neighborhood. Offices were dispatched and the “dementor” was quickly captured. Wasn’t a real dementor, though, just a black trash bag hanging from a tree limb. The bag is now in custody.

And Don’t Make Me Use This!

Bozo criminal for today comes from Bonita Beach, Florida where it seemed our bozo robber had it all planned out. Getaway vehicle: A white bicycle. Not the best but should be OK. Disguise: Red shirt over his face. Check. Target: 7-Eleven. They’re always a good place to grab some quick cash. Weapon: His finger. Huh? Yep. His finger. Our unidentified bozo rode to the 7-Eleven on his bike, pulled the shirt over his head, pointed his finger in a gun shape and walked in and demanded the clerk empty the register. Shocker. The clerk refused. Our bozo was last seen riding his bike down Imperial Shores Boulevard, no doubt planning his next big heist.

Too Bad There Wasn’t Some Garlic Bread

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Glen Snow for sending in this gem from Hazle Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, where the cops were called to a residence with a report of a rather unusual robbery. The homeowner told the officers that he was cooking a pot of meatballs on a stove in his garage around 2:30 pm. He left the pot unattended for a moment and when he returned, it was gone. He saw the pot laying in the street, sans meatballs. After a quick look around the neighborhood, the cops came upon a suspicious looking character. Further investigation revealed red sauce on his face and clothing. He’s busted! And charged with burglary, criminal trespass, and theft by unlawful taking.

Le Pew. Le Skunk. Le Fire!

Our bozo for today isn’t a criminal but his efforts deserve recognition. From Ferndale, Michigan, comes the story of a man who had a problem with skunks. A big problem, it would seem, as they were living under his house and causing quite a stink. So, he decided to fight fire with fire, literally. He threw several smokebombs into the crawlspace of the house, hoping to run the critters out. Instead, the bombs ignited wood in the crawlspace which quickly spread to the first floor of the house. By the time the firefighters arrived, the home was totally ablaze and out of control. The home was declared a total loss. And, as for the skunks…firefighters report no carcasses were found in the debris. Next time call a professional.

Sorry, the Olympics Has No Bozo Category

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Fred McKinney for sending us our Bozo Olympic Athlete for the morning. From Pyeongchang, South Korea, site of this year’s Winter Games, comes the story of a Russian female bobsledder. Now we all know the Russians have had a less than stellar record of playing fair at the olympic games. Our bozo for today was taking no chances, wearing a t-shirt that said, “I Don’t Do Doping” when she was arrested for testing positive for a banned substance.

And A Guy Down the Street Is Taking Dino Flintstone For a Walk

Our bozo for today comes from East Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, where the cops received a rather strange 911 call. Someone called the police to tell them there was a, uh, dinosaur on the loose and he was walking down the street. The cops quickly arrived at the intersection of Melrose and Emerson Avenue, and, sure enough, there was a T-Rex just as reported. Well, not exactly just as reported. Further investigation revealed that it was a mom in a T-Rex suit walking her kid to school. Oh. Everybody stand down.

This Case Went Up In Smoke

Thanks to Bozo News Hawk Fred McKinney for sending in today’s report that flips the tables on exactly who the bozo is. Authorities in Britain were thrilled over the big haul of illegal tobacco products that they had confiscated so they produced a YouTube video to show it off. Unfortunately, the video was a little too detailed, giving crooks the exact location where the 70,000 counterfeit cigarettes were stored. And, in the dark of night, our not so bozo crooks cut a 3 foot by 2 foot hole in the container and made off with the entire haul. Yep, in this case, it was bozo cops bragging about their big score and the thieves who made off with the goods, rather than the other way around. Police at this time have no leads in the case.

And the Note Said, “Be a Good Boy”

Bozo criminal for today comes from Dorchester, Massachusetts, where bozo Zachary Williams snatched a woman’s purse as she walked near a school. He successfully got away with her ID and $40. Unfortunately, he also lost something in the process. We’re not sure why he was carrying it, but he dropped his birth certificate while scuffling with his victim. Oh, and one more thing…he also dropped a note from his mother. The cops had no trouble tracking him down. He’s busted!

To Be Clear, A Trash Can Is NOT a Gas Can

Our bozo for today comes from Moses Lake, Washington, where a bozo and his female accomplice pulled up to a convenience store and began filling up. Only instead of filling up the car’s tank, they were filling up a large garbage can in the car’s backseat with gasoline. Bad, bad idea. The problem was compounded by the fact that the woman sitting in the front seat was smoking a cigarette. Not surprisingly, the car ignited and our bozo fled, leaving his girlfriend and the large amount of marijuana in the car’s trunk behind. She was taken to the hospital and treated for burns. Cops are still looking for the pumper.