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Human Woman Transforms Herself Into Anime Character

No, seriously, she does.

And while I could use this space to make a cheap reference to either anime tentacles or sailor scouts (or both), let me instead say that we here at Electric Ferret respect those who follow their dreams of self modification with vigor and determination until the body parts literally start falling off.  (We’re looking at you Michael Jackson).

In other body fetish news…

Here’s the woman who turned herself into a Barbie Doll.


Miss Hannah Minx and Elvira Cosplay

If you are not familiar with Miss Hannah Minx she is a YouTube personality  on the “MissHannahMinxy” channel.  An American student living in Japan, her videos are generally educational and revolve around her area of expertise which is Japanese culture.

However, as intelligent and educational as Miss Hannah Minx is, one might also surmise that a good deal of her YouTube fan base simply shows up to ponder her buxom physical gifts.  Here she puts her attributes to good use in a YouTube segment on Cosplay as Elvira: Mistress of the Dark.



But it turns out that Elvira: Mistress of the Dark watches YouTube as well, and here she turns the tables with some Miss Hannah Minx Cosplay



Yes, it is true … I am easily amused.