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Tomb Raider turns towards the dark and gritty

Joystiq has spent a couple hours with the forthcoming Tomb Raider reboot.

Go and read all about it.

Far from the previous games in the franchise where the player spent their time with Lara solving puzzles and recovering artifacts, this installment gives the player the goal of simply keeping her alive and, possibly, ensuring she remains unmolested as well.

Given the darker tone inherent in the Survivalist genre and the adult themes, this title will probably end up with a Mature rating.

The Massive Multi-Player Online games of 2013

The ongoing success of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft with a subscriber base of over ten million players has yet to be duplicated by any other Massive Multi-Player Online game (MMO).  However, it is certain that with subscription numbers like that still possible we will continue to see fresh MMO entries.  Here are some to watch out for.

The War Z : The zombie apocalypse survival MMO.

WildStar : Sports a highly stylized cartoony look which fuses elements of magic and technology.  The WildStar team consists of many who previously worked on World of Warcraft.

Bless : Photo-Realistic graphics and role-play storytelling elements drive this MMORPG.

Elder Scrolls Online :   An MMO spawned from the popular single-player “Elder Scrolls” series (e.g. Skyrim).  This one already has some controversy surrounding it due to the involvement of game designer Mark Jacobs whose previous work on Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer left many fans of those games unhappy.

EverQuest Next : Sony’s reboot of their EverQuest MMO franchise.

Pathfinder Online : This will be based on the Pen and Paper Role Playing Game “Pathfinder” which is, itself, based on the Dungeons and Dragons Third Edition.  (see On Pathfinder and Business Decisions Gone Awry).  Looks promising.

Survarium : Post Apocalypse survival MMO.

Marvel Heroes : The MMO based on the Marvel Universe of super powered beings.

The Repopulation : An MMO based on rebuilding the world.  Crafting and world building will play a large role in the title.

And finally, is Blizzard making a new MMO themselves?  Looks that way.  It is called “Titan” and while little is known about it, here is some info.

Movie News Rundown 12/4/2012

Guillermo Del Toro’s upcoming Giant Robot vs. Giant Monster movie “Pacific Rimhas a new viral video to put you in the mood.  As a fan of films like Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot I must say I that am looking forward to this new movie.

Vin Diesel is back as interstellar anti-hero “Riddick” and there is some news on that.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” is getting a sequel and using hand-drawn animation, read all about it.

The “Highlander” remake just lost its director.

George Lucas said he will not have much involvement in Star Wars 7 (yay?)

The next installment of “Spider Manhas a villain.

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Comic Book cheesecake sells… but who’s buying?

via [Neatorama]

The Hawkeye Initiative is a place to draw attention to ridiculously sexist comic book character drawings by replacing a female in a typical superhero pose with the character Hawkeye.

The problem with this line of thought (from my perspective anyway) is that I don’t feel that comic book artists are necessarily setting out deliberately to be sexist.  The illustration of both the male and female form in the super hero genre is given to overwhelming physical attributes.  In the case of males it is their incredibly overblown hunky muscles.  In the case of females it is their natural curves.

Of course, this has been going on for thousands of years.  The first Super Heroes were arguably the ancient pantheons of gods and those were immortalized in sculpture with the same overwhelming physical attributes familiar to comic book fans.  Take for instance the Farnese Hercules which originated in the Fourth Century B.C.  On the female side of that coin, ancient art dedicated to Aphrodite or Venus glamorized their feminine virtues with over-emphasis of what was considered either sexually appealing or beautiful at that time in history.

Obviously, ancient gods would be less godly and impressive if they both looked and moved like cake eating, T.V. watching average humanity.   The same can be said for Super Heroes and Villains.

In Costume Play (“cosplay”) it seems hardly different to me.   The costumes accentuate the female form and said females usually strike a pose straight out of the comic books.

I do not think that the women who are themselves participating in cosplay are being “Sexist”.  I am more inclined to think they are simply being “Sexy” and having fun emulating the power, grace and beauty of women in comics.  Males emulate as well in cosplay by looking hunky, muscular and powerful.   But the male pose and look is different, of course, as it is focused on the chest and arms – masculine, one might say  (less bendy and more sturdy).

While the poses comic book heroines make may be ridiculous (or at least over-stylized) I am not sold on the idea that the intention is to be sexist.  When Joel Schumacher put nipples and codpieces on the Bat-Suit and gave us a two hour romp of man-butts on screen, I didn’t think that was sexist either.  Cheesecake sells, we’re all buying and we have been for centuries.  Besides, what’s the alternative to these flights of fancy that artists take with the super-heroic form?  Whatever it is, I’m sure it will not be quite as much fun.

Sign up for some cheesecake today.

Deathstoke gets the Love

D.C. Comics character Deathstroke is a character who has been a fan favorite villain for years.  Lately he’s breaking out of comic books and into more high profile media projects.

Actor Manu Bennett (Spartacus) will be playing the role of Deathstroke in upcoming episodes of the CW series “Arrow“.

Also, it was just announced that Deathstroke will be a playable character in the upcoming gameInjustice: Gods Among Us” by NetherRealm Studios (due out April 2013).

If you are trying to catch up on the character and see what he’s all about, check out this excellent take on Deathstroke the Terminator posted by G-Man.

Clive Barker’s Hellraiser returns from the dead

Comic Vine is reporting that publisher BOOM! Studios will be releasing a new Hellraiser comic series titled The Dark Watch.

Read all about it.

In the new series we find Kirsty Cotton (who you may recall was the protagonist in the first two Hellraiser films) has defeated Pinhead  and become the new Queen of Hell.

Clive Barker himself is driving this new chapter of his now legendary horror franchise.  I would love to see a film version based on this arc.