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Christopher Nolan Interview: the Dark Knight Trilogy

In a new in depth interview with Film Comment (the Film Society of the Lincoln Center) director Christopher Nolan answers a great many questions about his Dark Knight Trilogy.  The director tells us about the casting, story, process and technical considerations that went into realizing his vision of the Batman character.

Go read all about it.

While you are there, also check out these supplemental  features on the site where they close the circle on the Trilogy.

Amazon: The New Wonder Woman TV Series

Via [Deadline] The CW Network (Warner Bros. TV) is exploring a new series based on the adventures of Wonder Woman.

There have been a few Wonder Woman projects over the years which were announced but never really got off the ground.  The last Wonder Woman series attempt got a pilot episode but was something of a debacle.

The new series is envisioned to follow the early years of Princess Diana as a battle maid of Themyscira and her introduction to the world of men.

The CW Network has found success with their series “Arrow” which follows the adventures of the comic book hero Green Arrow, so this is not surprising.  Whoever they cast as Wonder Woman for this series would also be a prime candidate to play her in the Justice League movie.

The man who uncovered gaming’s greatest sex scandal

Today Eurogamer puts out a detailed account on the controversy which engulfed Rockstar Games title “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas“.

In a nutshell, Rockstar released the game with hidden sex files which game modders discovered and cracked open for the public pretty much immediately.

The details of how it all went down, who was involved and the resulting media firestorm over the scandal makes for some fascinating reading.  Go read all about it.

Today In Science

She blinded me… with science!

Star Trek just a T.V. Show?  Nope.  NASA is building an actual Faster Than Light Warp Drive engine.

Get your mermaid on: Poseidon Undersea Resorts amazing Underwater Hotel.

Contrary to what you may have heard or simply assume, female porn actresses have very high self esteem.  Science!

And finally… Say that you don’t want to sell your house to the Chinese government so it can build a road.  Well, the Government has an engineering solution for that problem.

X-Men: Days of Future Past film update

Via [Deadline] The next installment in the X-Men film franchise DAYS OF FUTURE PAST (directed by Bryan Singer) will feature the return of Sir Ian Mckellen and Sir Patrick Stewart as Magneto and Xavier.

Via [Comic Vine] Hugh Jackman in talks to play Wolverine in DAYS OF FUTURE PAST.

For comic geeks the next X-Men movie could be something akin to a religious experience.

The 1981 X-Men story arc of issues #141 – #142 (Days of Future Past) laid groundwork in motion which echoed through the X-Men title for years.  It is pretty remarkable that two short issues of a comic are packed with so much significance – they were just that good.

Coming Robot Apocalypse Set In Motion By Disney

Via Geekologie:

The Centre for the Study of Existential Risk is scheduled to open at Cambridge University and evaluate the risk of us all dying at the hands of killer robots with lasers for eyes and razor blades for hands.

Personally, I am thankful that the people at Cambridge are so forward looking.  Further, I hope they will expand the research to include tangent areas of science like Zombies and also Machines Which Are Not Robots But Come To Life and Kill People For No Reason Like That Big Goblin Truck in the film Maximum Overdrive.

This important research is coming just in the nick of time, judging from the following news:  Disney is populating their theme parks with robots that can THROW THINGS AT YOU.    Yes, that’s right.  Disney, beloved by children and adults alike, is laying the seeds of Sky Net right now.  It begins with an anatomic figure gracefully whisking a Creme Pie at an unsuspecting passer-by.  It ends with all of us living like rats in holes in a Global Thermonuclear Nightmare.  Hopefully Cambridge will cast a skeptical and wary eye towards these future Terminators at Disney.

Geeky, Fun, Cool Holiday Gifts

Quint at Ain’t It Cool News provides a thorough and exhaustive listing of great gifts over three pages:

Quint’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide, Part 1

Quint’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide, Part 2

Quint’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide, Part 3

There’s so much awesome in there to choose from.  Daddy I want it ALL! /Veruca Salt

Anyways, here’s a couple other items Santa might want want to add to the list.  How about the Retro Zombie Tarot Deck?  It’s freaky weird in a weird and freaky kinda way.

Or the Tardis Mini-Fridge!  Just the thing for the Doctor Who loving office worker in your life.

And, of course, the perfect gift for when you want to get your Star Fleet on…’Nuff Said!