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Grant Morrison promises new Wonder Woman approach

Famed comic writer Grant Morrison will be taking up the reigns of the Wonder Woman comic series.  He is promising a fresh approach on the the character in his new series.  It should be interesting.

Wonder Woman made her first comic appearance in 1941.  Since that time, the number of takes on the character have been numerous to be sure.  But the original concept of the Wonder Woman character by William Moulton Marston was already pretty far out, especially if one considers the time period in which the character came to be.

Marston was a psychologist and feminist theorist who was preoccupied with sexual bondage.  He frequently depicted Wonder Woman along with any other women appearing in the comic in situations where they were tied-up or restrained.  The Amazonian women in the comic were often seen playing in wrestling or other dominance and submission games.  Marston also happened to live with two women in a polyamorous relationship and they are said to have served as living examples of the fantasy heroine and provided input on her development.

An inventor, Marston created a lie detector device which would become a major component of the modern polygraph.  Hence Wonder Woman is armed with the Lariat Of Truth (or Golden Lasso) which binds around one’s torso like the chest-expansion measuring cord in a polygraph.  And of course, the Golden Lasso remains great for tying up female villains, her Amazon sisters or whoever else happened to be around.

Regardless of what direction Morrison takes the character (and I am sure it will be great fun to read) the original Wonder Woman concept of the 1940′s was a remarkable jump into feminism and women’s sexual liberation politics and a pretty strange cat for her day.