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Link Dump 2013-10-09

Firefighters rescue mans penis from a toaster.  If I made a list of everything I might stick my junk into, “toaster” would not be on that list.


An exclusive Star Wars action figure for the New York Comic-Con: Pimp2-D2.  Yes, real.

Related: The Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru Star Wars Action Figure.


Disney creating Theme Park rides of Marvel Characters.  Behold: the Iron Man Experience at Disneyland Hong Kong.

Related: Disney Imagineering Group and Marvel Comics Group partnering on comics – based on Disney franchises and theme park attractions.


Fan created follow-up of the now defunct MMO City of Heroes funded by Kickstarter.  Pretty cool – the fan created City Of Titans project has $320,000 so far.


Review of the new Radeon HD 7990 Graphics Card.  If graphics-intensive PC gaming is your bag, this may be in your future.


Archie Comics meets zombies and necromancy.  If you thought you’d seen it all with either Archie comics or the Zombie genre, well, you haven’t.


Conan the Barbarian and Red Sonja will be working together again.  It has been fifteen years since the duo hooked up to blaze a trail of destruction and blood vengeance.


Medieval Armor goes high fashion.  Wow.  That’s my kind of style.


The Pacific Rim gag reel has just come out.  Lolz.


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