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Link Dump 2013-10-08

George Lucas is calling new Star Wars director JJ Abrams constantly to give out ideas.  The man who gave us Jar-Jar Binks and the Yub-Yub song is not done with us yet.


Ron Burgundy: The Anchorman pitching cars for Dodge.  Will Ferrell’s character doing his thing to bring you that new car smell.


Sexiest Woman Alive 2013: Scarlett Johansson.  She has won it twice.


James McAvoy on the new X-Men film Days of Future Past. This film is possibly the second biggest production for Fox, behind Avatar.


Warner Brothers CEO demands Wonder Woman on TV or the big screen.  That works for me.


Quentin Tarantino posts his top 10 films of 2013Gravity makes the list…


… And speaking of GravityHere is all the ways Hollywood tried to ruin the film.


The Original Endings to Disney Fairy Tales.  People in the old days really went in for a darker worldview.


The Borderlands 2 Loot Competition.  Shoot bad guys.  Win fabulous prizes!


Coffee House Prank: Terrifying Telekinetic Girl goes ape shit.  So there you are, innocently getting your morning cup and then things get freaky…


Control cockroaches remotely with a mobile app.  Can remote control cockroach racing be far behind?  You can even re-use your old Hot Wheels track.


How I left my corporate job to work for myself“.  It probably goes without saying that in an unpredictable world it’s a good idea to have a backup plan.

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