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Link Dump 2013-10-06

If you have ever wondered why we eat popcorn at the movies, here’s some learning for you.


The founder of Twitter reveals the secret formula for getting rich online.  Damn it, it’s so crazy it just might work!


George Clooney says he did not know that his Bat Suit had been given nipples. He’s fortunate the Bat Suit’s nipples weren’t pierced.


Terrifying swarms of giant freaking hornets kill dozens in China.  Oh, hell no.

Fortunately thanks to modern technology, in the event of death one need not give up on Love.  A new dating website is out which caters strictly to ghosts looking for a hook-up.  And hey, having “killed by Giant Freaking Hornets” might be interesting on your profile.


The Hobbit Trilogy has already cost twice as much to make as The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy.  If you are a Tolkien fan these are golden days indeed.


IGN has posted their picks for the best gaming laptops on the market right now


… But if you are like me and completely enchanted with small tablet devices for casual gaming right now, then you are probably very excited about the soon to be released Plants Vs. Zombies 2.


Software giant Adobe has been hacked and three million user accounts have been compromised.


Guillermo del Toro does this years Simpsons opening couch gag for Halloween.  And it is awesome, check it out.


Amazing Disney Princess Tattoos.  I’ve been holding out for something awesome to put on my bod… hum…




Amazon has plans to sell its own video streaming box.

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