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Link Dump 2013-10-03

Stephen Hawking’s Party For Time Travelers – On June 28, 2009, Stephen Hawking threw a party for time travellers from the future…. But didn’t advertise it until after the party was already over.

Dinosaur Romance Novels.  No, seriously, Dinosaur Romance Novels.

Sonic The Hedgehog will be in Smash Bros.  Sonic will be a playable character in the new 3DS and Wii U Smash Bros.  The awesomeness… it is overwhelming.  I actually downloaded the Kindle Fire HD port of the Original Sega Genesis Sonic The Hedgehog game yesterday.  Game still rocks after all these years.  The Kindle version is a true port – not a crappy emulator run version.

The most absurd Batman merchandise ever.  Yeah, it may well be.

Fourth Narnia Movie Announced.  Are we sure we needed a Fourth Narnia movie?  I feel they need to take a page from the Fast and Furious franchise and turn it into a Heist film.

Robert Downey Jr. owns a 6-foot tall remote control flying Iron Man.  Because awesome.  While there is only one 6-foot flying remote control Iron Man in the world, unfortunately, you can still get one of these Flying Radio Controlled Witches on Broomsticks.  Just in time for Halloween.  Or your next Quidditch match.

Tom Clancy R.I.P.  The man may be dead, but the stories will always be with us.

A 3-Dimensional Monopoly Set that cost $500 dollars.  That is some very fine board-game swag right there.  You know, the board game Monopoly has been around for a really long time and is still going strong.  The venerable board game was even used during WWII to aid in Allied prison escape attempts.

Tattoos of a Fan-Boy.  Couple of those are pretty amazing.

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