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Link Dump 2013-10-02

Newly discovered cave system in China – so huge it has its own weather system.  Some really amazing photos of this natural wonder.

Toy Masters: the men behind the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.  You probably knew that the line of Master of the Universe action figures were very successful  toys.  What you may not have known, however, was there was a dramatic battle of wits and personalities between the toy designers who made them.

Arnold Schwarzenegger doing a Zombie film and also… A return run as Conan the Barbarian.

Microsoft tries again with the development of the Surface 2 tablet.  I’m starting to wonder about Microsoft, considering that the Surface 1 was a total flop along with their MP3 player and their smart phone.  Why, if it wasn’t for the great success of the Windows Vista operating system… oh wait.  Related: Bill Gates says that CTRL+ALT+DELETE was a mistake.  Hmmm, you don’t say.

Valve enters the arena dominated by console games with the Steam OS, the Steam Gaming Machines and the Steam Gamepad Controller.  I like Steam on my PC, should be interesting.

How FAST AND FURIOUS became Hollywood’s most fascinating franchise.   It is pretty amazing that a franchise can really catch fire and surpassed all expectations with the fifth film.

Premium Geek Stuff: the re-release of the original Dungeons & Dragons boxed RPG.  So much awesome.

Finally – the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Barbie Doll.

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