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Link Dump 2013-10-01

Deadly lake turns animals into statues.  It’s kind of like Medusa… as a lake!

Fifteen Underrated Movies Worth Watching.  I have not seen a single one of these, but most of them sound pretty interesting.  Guess I’ll have to give some a look.

Blizzard to close the Diablo III Auction House.  I have played Diablo III and used the Auction House.  That being the case, I see this as a great move.  I actually intended to dedicate a stand-alone post about it but the one I linked sums it up nicely.  What they do not say, however, and what I believe is that Blizzard absolutely had to close it down to set-up a successful expansion to the game.

The team behind Iron Man 3 talk about the film, including Tony Stark’s character and why you will never see the classic “Demon In A Bottle” story line from the comics.

Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves talk about Bill & Ted 3.  Party On Dudes!

Half of all existing jobs could be done by computer within 20 years.  According to an Oxford study.  I do not think they are far off the mark either.  I can only hope that future looks more like the computer-run idyllic life of leisure presented in WALL-E and not like SOYLENT GREEN.

Legendary yet short lived TV series FIREFLY to get a comic book continuing the story.  The story continues after the events seen in the film SERENITY.

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