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Link Dump 2013-09-20

The Map of Historical Bigfoot Sightings. 3,313 Bigfoot sightings over 92 years.  It appears from the map that Bigfoot does not hang out in Nevada.  Either that or what happens in Vegas truly does stay in Vegas.

Warhammer Online will shut down this December.  Kind of a bummer but the Warhammer MMO leaves us with its dignity intact – Chaos Pandas were never introduced.

Absolutely fabulous castles and mansions that are fabulously haunted. Really, it’s probably just the lingering smell of old people that gives folks the jitters.

Over 200,000 people apply to colonize mars.  Sounds fun on paper but I’ll continue my work colonizing the jacuzzi with a pina colada for now.

Seen in front of a Veterinary Office. Because if you won’t talk to your cat about catnip who will?

Government agencies want a backdoor into the linux OS.  If Linus Torvalds is admitting they are asking him to build a backdoor into Linux, you can pretty much assume it’s already in Windows.

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