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The Massive Multi-Player Online games of 2013

The ongoing success of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft with a subscriber base of over ten million players has yet to be duplicated by any other Massive Multi-Player Online game (MMO).  However, it is certain that with subscription numbers like that still possible we will continue to see fresh MMO entries.  Here are some to watch out for.

The War Z : The zombie apocalypse survival MMO.

WildStar : Sports a highly stylized cartoony look which fuses elements of magic and technology.  The WildStar team consists of many who previously worked on World of Warcraft.

Bless : Photo-Realistic graphics and role-play storytelling elements drive this MMORPG.

Elder Scrolls Online :   An MMO spawned from the popular single-player “Elder Scrolls” series (e.g. Skyrim).  This one already has some controversy surrounding it due to the involvement of game designer Mark Jacobs whose previous work on Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer left many fans of those games unhappy.

EverQuest Next : Sony’s reboot of their EverQuest MMO franchise.

Pathfinder Online : This will be based on the Pen and Paper Role Playing Game “Pathfinder” which is, itself, based on the Dungeons and Dragons Third Edition.  (see On Pathfinder and Business Decisions Gone Awry).  Looks promising.

Survarium : Post Apocalypse survival MMO.

Marvel Heroes : The MMO based on the Marvel Universe of super powered beings.

The Repopulation : An MMO based on rebuilding the world.  Crafting and world building will play a large role in the title.

And finally, is Blizzard making a new MMO themselves?  Looks that way.  It is called “Titan” and while little is known about it, here is some info.

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