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The Amazing Fantasy Art of Liz Danforth

Tunnels and Trolls Liz DanforthWhen I first got into table top Role-Playing games my friends and I spent a lot of time with Tunnels and Trolls  by Ken St. Andre.  It had a few things going for it which kept us playing it.

First, it had books called “solo dungeons” which you could play by yourself with your pen and paper fantasy characters.

Second, it was built on rules which were much easier for a group of ten year-old kids to work with than the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Second Edition.

Finally, it had amazing art by Liz Danforth which really brought the game to life for us.

Liz Danforth has had a long career producing fantasy art for a variety of games.  She has done artwork for cards in just about every Collectible Trading Card game there is, I think.  If you are playing any trading card games, you are probably holding on to some of her artwork.

Drop by and browse her gallery.  http://www.lizdanforth.com/