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A Nice Day for a White Wedding

Arguably the first modern Zombie film is George A. Romero’s seminal 1968 work Night of the Living Dead. While that film is before my time it is interesting that it is still recent enough to have a 1960′s Roger Ebert review on it (which I recommend).

Zombies have become somewhat ubiquitous of late – the Walking Dead TV series, the 28 Days Later series, Shaun of the Dead, the Resident Evil series, Dead Snow (Nazi Zombies!) and so on.  Thankfully, despite that, Zombies have yet to take a turn for the maudlin as both Vampires and Werewolves have in the Twilight film series.

I am sure there is a studio exec out there somewhere trying to come up with a way to “Twilight” the zombie genre into a love-lorn melodrama for the female audience.  We shall see how that works out.

In the mean time, while Rec 3 does involve Zombies and a wedding it is probably not a chick flick (although it may prove therapeutic to those who had a traumatic wedding day).

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