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Zombies go mainstream in live action thrill events

The U.K. Daily Mail reports on a novel use for the ruins of Detroit city.  Entrepreneur Mark Siwak envisions a theme park where customers pay to elude zombies in the barren, crumbling wastes of Detroit in a challenge to keep their brains from being eaten.

Check it out – Z World: Detroit.

In my humble opinion, I believe Mr. Siwak has hit upon quite a brilliant idea.  The unused and decaying Detroit ruins would play the perfect back-drop to this kind of Horror inspired theme park.  I’d buy a ticket to take my chances in surviving the night.

In other Zombie news we have the Run For Your Lives marathon where runners are challenged to complete a 5K Obstacle course all while being pursued by real Zombies.  The race challenges potential athletes not only on their stamina… but their ability to elude the undead.

Train today for the apocalypse of tomorrow!


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