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Makin’ Pancakes

The 1970′s …. It was a different world inhabited by a bazillion baby-boomers in their sexual prime.  They lived in the sweet buttery limbo just after the advent of The Pill but before the rise of deadly STDs.  A simpler time when a shot of penicillin could still solve all your problems and get you back to the singles club.

I was watching a mainstream film from the 1970′s last night (The In-Laws) and I was  noticing … there is just something about the Seventies where you get the feeling that people’s clothes could go flying off at any moment.  Yeah, check out that link and discover that people in the 70′s were always just about 10 seconds away from making pancakes at all times.

The 1970′s really had a lot going for it if your goal was to make pancakes.  Alas much of that free pancake spirit from the 70′s is gone… along with a lot of the hair.  Still, there are some pancake dreams which can only come true in the modern day thanks to our instant communications network.  For example, ever wonder how many tweets it takes to get a porn star date for your high school prom?  About 600, apparently.

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