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Aliens: Colonial Marines

I recall seeing James Cameron’s Aliens in the theater when it was released.  I was absolutely blown away by the film as a young spud and it is definitely still a movie I love to return to and watch on Blu-Ray.

Alien 3 had it’s moments, I guess, but it wasn’t the sequel to Aliens that I (or apparently most other people) wanted to see.  And as for Alien : Resurrection, as much as I love to see Ron Perlman on the screen chomping the scenery with one-liners, it still was not the sequel to James Cameron’s Aliens.

Recently I heard about a new game which is described as a true sequel to James Cameron’s film, and that is exciting news.  You can read more about it here on wikipedia.  It sounds just perfect, with the Sulaco, LV-426 and the derelict alien spacecraft from Alien all serving as environments in the game.

Looking forward to playing this one…



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