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Diablo III: First Impressions

Typical of most online games the first day launch of Blizzard’s Diablo III was plagued with problems.  Much of the day the Diablo III servers were down for maintenance. This does not bother me very much as I simply price it in to the first day experience.  However, between down time I played around with the Monk, Demon Hunter and Wizard Classes.

My first impression is that the game is Diablo I and Diablo II with graphics updated for 2012.  If you liked the previous Diablo games then it is a good bet that you are going to like this too.  If you didn’t, then no need to bother with it.

Diablo III continues the tradition of being an isometric 2D view game with a fixed camera angle.  You will not be futzing with a camera during the game.  I’m so used to having to deal with a camera that I found the Old Skool approach somewhat refreshing.  Others may feel the fixed camera is limiting.  The graphics are, of course, superb in the isometric view.

The RPG and story elements are improved and more intuitive than in previous iterations.  One thing they do (which I first noticed in Bioshock) is have bits of story you can find which the game then plays as an audio for you in the characters voice.

Diablo III game play remains very action oriented (almost arcade-like) which was true in  previous versions.  The characters I played with all felt distinct and solid – keeping in mind I didn’t get a great deal of time in on any of them.

My first impression was very positive and I anticipate many hours spent in the near future dungeon crawling my way to a final encounter with Diablo, the Lord of Terror.

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