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All 62 Stephen King Books Ranked To Best. UPDATED – Evil Clown!

This is pretty cool: All 62 Stephen King books rankedClicky to Go check it out.

It’s an awesome job they did but the navigation is a little funky.  Use the arrow thingys to progress.

I have read several Stephen King books but I have never read the #1 rated book on this list.  Guess I will have to pick it up.

Some of my favorites…

I loved “It” which is an amazingly thick book yet flows at a brisk and frightening pace.  The Shining is another great read which also differs in many ways from Kubrick’s film.   Finally, the Dark Tower opus which was filled with storytelling genius, thrills, chills and some very memorable scenes.

I am definitely going to have to read that Number 1 ranked book, now.

UPDATED: Speaking of “It” … For a fee, Dominic Deville will wear this costume and scare your birthday child for a week.  No, seriously, not a joke – he will stalk your kid all week long.

Thanks Mom and Dad!  Creepy threatening clown is the Birthday gift I’ve always wanted!

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