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Link Dump 2013-10-11

Macaroni and Cheese… it’s everywhere you want to be.

How about Mac and Cheese Pancakes?

Or perhaps Deep Fried Mac and Cheese hamburger buns?


Insane Tourists Defying U.S. Government Shutdown.  Hilarious!


Alzheimer’s treatment breakthrough.  Cure may be as simple as taking a pill.


Researchers say Sprite may be the best hangover cure.  I can imagine the forthcoming Sprite commercials already.


How Aliens, Predator and Prometheus will share a universe.  Dark Horse is rebooting it all into a single continuity.


Cool toys: Hasbro releases images of their new action figure line-up.  Star Wars, Spider Man and Captain America, oh my!


Meet the woman who lives with 50 domesticated skunks.  Smell the love.


ColecoVision Kickstarter goes live.  Project will resurrect one of the top consoles of the 80′s and its lost catalog of titles.


Enhanced Final Fantasy 6 coming to Android, iOS.  Continuing the trend of  re-releasing old games to mobile devices.


A new reality Celebrity Gymnastics show in the works.  Take celebrities, teach them gymnastics, watch them compete and humiliate each other.  Win!


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