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Link Dump 2013-10-10

Dungeon Defenders 2 on the way.  If you enjoyed the original then look forward to more and better of it. The developer almost went with a different approach but scrapped it.

Also in Tower Defense type game news, Dungeon Keeper is getting a reboot.


Lord of the Rings plus 150,000 Lego bricks = awesome.


Russian Government to produce their own patriotic video games and ban other developers games.   I’m sure that’s going to work out well, yep…


…Or Not.  I mean, look: Grand Theft Auto V has just broken Six Guinness World Records.  What are we talking about here – a Video Game that is just vaulting over the revenue possible in not only games but other entertainment mediums as well.  Films like Avatar and The Avengers do not post figures like GTA V.  And the Grand Theft Auto franchise is one that the powers that be have been wanting to ban since day 1.


Angry Birds: The Movie.  You saw that coming right?


Researchers post new study on Quantum Black Holes – suggest they are bridges to another universe.


Inside the twisted world of Competitive Pokemon.

Related: The Worst Pokemon Of All Time.


Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen have been hangin’ in New York and posting cool pics.

Here they are chillin’ with Lenard Nimoy

OK, Stop me if you've heard this. Spock, Gandalf and Professor Xavier walk into a bar...

OK, Stop me if you’ve heard this. Spock, Gandalf and Professor Xavier walk into a bar…


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