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About Electric Ferret

You can contact the Electric Ferret webmaster via email:

electricferret *at* electricferret *dot* com

Electric Ferret is an online place to write fiction and discuss fictional characters.

The Electric Ferret site was originally inspired by the WWWF Grudge Match which was doing web battles between pop culture characters in the Nineties.  In 1997 Electric Ferret began producing similar web battles focusing mostly on comic, fantasy and science fiction characters.  That site became The Comic Book Universe Battles (or CBUB). The history of matches written by the webmaster can be found in the CBUB Back Issues.

The CBUB is now an interactive website where people can create their own web battles between fictional characters and discuss who would win.  The matches are produced by visitors to the site instead of the webmaster.

Following the launch of the CBUB a group of users on Electric Ferret expressed an interest in having a place to discuss their own fictional characters they were dreaming up.  A second website was then added to Electric Ferret called the Fantasy Powers League (or FPL).  The FPL is a creative writing game where people think up a fantasy character which are then pitted against other people’s characters.

The CBUB and FPL have social forums where people can have discussions and chat about whatever is on their minds.

And that is Electric Ferret in a nutshell.